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It’s no fluke that the KYOCERA MFH-Raptor has become the 1st choice for high feed milling applications throughout North America. As indicated in the user testimonials below, the Raptor’s benefits are numerous (longer tool life, increased machining efficiency & improved surface finish, just to name a few). For a limited time, utilize the 2014 KYOCERA Milling Kit Sale to purchase the MFH-Raptor for a discounted price. Fill out the Contact Us form on the left for more information and to set-up a test today!

1. Innovative Insert Design

Kyocera’s new MFH-Raptor utilizes inserts with a contoured cutting-edge design producing reduced cutting forces and lower vibrations. Choose from 3 unique chipbreaker designs to devour a variety of milling applications, including face milling, shouldering, ramping, helical milling, and plunging.

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"When our sales rep brought this tool in for a test, I was skeptical of just another sales pitch. My operators called me over when they ran it to show me how awesome it was. 300ipm at 0.070 DOC on 1018 steel. Nice chips. Cool tool! We bought it."


Machine Shop Supervisor


2. Reduces Cutting Forces at Initial Contact with a Convex Helical Edge Design

MFH-Raptor Cutting Force

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"We have slashed our machine time in half and are really pleased after implementing the MFH-Raptor into our production runs. We have had nothing but great results."



3. WIDE Application Range!

MFH-Raptor Milling Applications

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"I chose the Kyocera MFH6000R-14-8T, a six inch diameter feed mill, which has increased my metal removal rate and also allows me to extend the spindle 22 inches into the part without vibration or reduced tool life. Competitors have come in to look at the job, they want to test against the MFH, but never return."


Plant Machine Works

"I just wanted to tell you how happy we are with the MFH-Raptor. We had been using (Competitor) mills to do a majority of our large hole milling. After testing your Raptor at over 450ipm on a 4x4 hole in under 4 minutes I was sold. Great wear on the inserts, sound was not deafening like many indexables are, and the quality throughout the entire hole was great. We would definitely recommend your tool."



4. NEW Grades for Difficult-to-cut Material

Two newly developed grades have been designed to provide optimum stability preventing insert fracturing. Grades CA6535 and PR1535 are ideal for high efficiency machining.



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"The MFH-Raptor does everything you said it would!!! It is quieter, has less load and the inserts last longer than (Competitor)'s. This one is going to be hard to beat!!! Once again, thank you!"


C.N.C. Programmer II


Tool Life Comparison

MFH-Raptor Tool Life Comparison

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Kyocera's new MFH-Raptor High Feed Milling Cutters available for purchase through authorized Kyocera distributors. To locate a distributor near you, see our Locate a Distributor map. Please contact Customer Service at 800-823-7284 or with any MFH-Raptor questions.


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